Arts Enrichment Pathway (AEP)

The Arts Enrichment Program (AEP) is a vehicle for students to further develop their interest and skills in performance.

Engaging the services of both specialised educators and industry professionals, AEP provides opportunities to experience a variety of artistic styles, including performance, composition, and wellbeing.

AEP Dance

The program provides opportunities for students to discover or enrich their love for dance beyond attending technical dance classes.

In AEP Dance, students develop dance techniques in Jazz and contemporary styles as well as choreography and performance skills. They also learn from a range of dance industry professionals in rehearsals, workshops and seminars to provide the students with a holistic understanding of work within the dance industry.

The AEP Dance program consists of industry-style classes, in which students learn jazz and contemporary dance techniques and routines. Technique/conditioning classes promote strength, fitness, and safe dance practice.

Junior students in year 7-8 participate in two classes per week, and Senior students in year 9-12 attend three classes. In addition to this, all AEP dance students will have the opportunity to engage with additional workshops, performances, competitions, and social events throughout the year.

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