Camps for all Students

Parkdale Secondary College offers an extensive Camps program.

The benefits of this program include:

  • an extension of the critical, creative, and caring thinking process in an out-of-school environment
  • peer support
  • engagement in a variety of challenging activities that can lead to increased individual self-esteem, independence and interdependence
  • experimental learning
  • an opportunity to take on different leadership roles
  • the interdisciplinary approach of the program, which is an essential part of Interpersonal/Thinking and Communication aspects of the VELS
  • a program that reflects the school goal of improving student engagement by introducing KLA specific initiatives that lead to more effective learning
  • allowing for individual and collaborative learning (teacher/student, student/student)
  • providing the opportunity to appreciate the environment while also being aware of the delicate balance between conservation and the use of the area for recreation.


  • All year Levels: Term 1, ESP Camp – Phillip Island
  • All year Levels: Term 2, Music – ‘Generations in Jazz’ Mt Gambier
  • Year 7: Term 3, Year 7 Camp – Campaspe Downs – Kyneton
  • Year 8: Term 2 – Rubicon optional camp
  • Year 9: Term 2, Year 9 Camp – CONNECT – Neerim South
  • Year 12: Term 1, Year 12 Camp – The Summit – Trafalgar East

Overseas trips

The depth of learning that occurs when students are taken out of their comfort zone is not able to occur in the classroom alone.

Exposure to authentic cultural situations provides students with the opportunity to connect with people and communities, build relationships with students of different cultures and develop a respect and understanding of both similarities and differences in a global community.

The unique skills students acquire, to adapt and build resilience when travelling and facing new challenges, is taken back to the classroom and applied to all aspects of their lives as they move through their schooling and future pathways. Some of the overseas trips Parkdale students have participated in include: