Year 9

All students in year 9 study a core curriculum of:

  • English (EAL students are immersed in mainstream classes but assessed against EAL levels)
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography

They select four elective subjects from the areas of Languages (French or Japanese) Health/PE, Technology and The Arts.

Year 10

Compulsory Subjects: (2 year-long subjects)

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL)
  • Mathematics (either Academic Maths or Mainstream Maths)

Elective subjects (8 Semester-based subjects)

We offer a broad range of elective subjects – further details can be found in our year 10 course handbooks on our website.

VCE subjects in year 10

Selected students are encouraged to commence their VCE studies while in year 10. Subject selections can be found in our VCE course handbook on our website.

Subjects they may select are:

  • Bridging EAL (for students requiring additional support with English)
  • First Language (for students who wish to gain additional credit for VCE)
  • Mathematical Methods or General Mathematics (teacher endorsement required).

These students study their first language with the Victorian School of Languages and attend classes outside normal school hours. The school supports them with their enrolment in these courses.

VCE – Year 11 & 12

  • English as an Additional Language is a compulsory subject for all International Students.
  • Unit 1 & 2 – Students must select 5 elective subjects.
  • Unit 3 & 4 – Students must select 4 elective subjects.

Please refer to the range of subjects available in the VCE course handbook on the website.

EAL classes are small to allow for more personalised support of our International students – we aim for no more than 16 students.