The school reputation, beautiful coastal location, as well as train stations and shops were some of the factors I considered when choosing Parkdale Secondary College.

School departments are well arranged for different year level students. Senior students are located in a senior Centre which is bright and quiet for study, whereas junior students have play areas to enjoy games. The school sets up a variety of equipment and facilities to optimise the study environment.

Teachers at Parkdale Secondary College are responsible and confident for imparting knowledge to students, their hard work is the main contribution to student success.

Parkdale Secondary College students are full of desire to seek knowledge, especially being active in class.

They are also passionate about participating in the extracurricular activities at the school, such as Music, Dance, Art, Outdoor activities, Camps, Sport, Science and Technology.

In class time, there are different modes of study, whether working in groups to help each other understand and share individual ideas, or students working on their own to explore the new chapter of knowledge. Importantly, teachers are always around offering help.

To build students’ potential, many leadership positions are offered. Overall, the integration of knowledge and communication between each other makes Parkdale Secondary College a magnificent school.

With the natural beauty of Melbourne, Parkdale Secondary College is certainly an ideal school for students to consider entering.

Ruoshi achieved an ATAR of 93.55 and is currently studying Physiotherapy at Monash University.

MEILY PHE (2020)

My experience at Parkdale Secondary College was exciting and life changing.

The teachers and students are very friendly and approachable, and they made my time at Parkdale feel like a home away from home. I also really loved how there are so many opportunities to undertake, with all the available subjects and the extracurricular activities, I wish I could’ve done them all!

More importantly, I have created so many fond memories at the school and so many great relationships with my friends and teachers, and those were the things that I held onto when I walked out of that gate for the very last time.

I am excited to begin my Pharmacy (honours) course at Monash University and will continue to stay connected to Parkdale Secondary College through the after school tutoring program.