Our curriculum is structured to allow year 7 & 8 students to experience and develop a strong foundation of skills and knowledge across all 9 key learning areas.

Year 9 Students continue core studies in English, Maths, Science and Humanities as well as the CONNECT program.

We assist them to draw on their understanding of themselves as learners, their future pathways and areas of passion, to determine their elective subjects in Languages, Technology, The Arts, and Health and PE pathways.

In senior school our students become key decision-makers in their course selections.

Year 10 mainstream students continue with core studies in English, an elected Maths stream and Learning Journeys.  Students select 8 elective subjects from the areas of Health and PE, Humanities, Languages, Technology, The Arts and Science. Students may be offered the opportunity to commence their VCE studies at year 10.

The structure of the Victorian senior secondary certificate is currently transforming with VCE and VCAL being brought back to a single VCE certificate, but having the flexibility to offer a VCE Vocational Specialisation.  This certificate will be delivered by schools from 2023 and as such we have made an adjustment to our Year 10 vocational pathway option.  This option is very similar to our current year 10 VCAL and is targeted towards catering to students who wish to pursue more practical approach to learning and an apprenticeship, traineeship or move directly into the workforce following school completion.

In year 10, students also have the option of commencing a vocational pathway.  Vocational Stream students undertake three core subjects.  Vocational English, Essential Maths and Vocational Skills. In addition, they select a TAFE pathway and 6 semester based elective subjects.

Please note the Department of Education has proposed changes to the VCAL pathway from 2022.

Students in year 11 & 12 select from one of three pathways: