Parkdale Secondary College created a program specifically for Year 7 – 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the Kingston network of schools, including Parkdale Secondary College, Patterson River Secondary College, Mordialloc Secondary College.

The Kingston Koorie Mob’s mission is to:

  • Improve the student’s confidence and sense of belonging,
  • Enhance the student’s educational outcomes,
  • Highlight the student’s cultural identity within the local area,

To achieve their mission, the Kingston Koorie Mob will provide:

  • An environment that respects, recognises and celebrates cultural identity.
  • Programs aimed to increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students,
  • A team that will support and assist young people and their families with goal setting, personal development and career counselling,
  • Individual student mentorship.

The Kingston Koorie Mob is a community-based project, where links between students, parents, schools and local community organisations are essential.

Activities include:

  • Sea country excursion
  • Attica gardening
  • Picture books with Mums and Bubs
  • Family night
  • Dreamtime at the G
  • Identity workshops
  • Community art projects
  • Elders lunch