Our School – History

Parkdale High School was established in 1964 under the leadership of founding Principal John F Dower, with 5 teachers and 78 students. By 1965 the school had moved to its present site on Warren Road and had 200 students enrolled across Forms 1 and 2.

In 1989 the name of the school changed to Parkdale Secondary College.

With a dynamic extracurricular enrichment program, strong academic results and a zoned enrolment boundary, the school has had continuous growth in enrolments, from 400 to 1,850 students, and is a school of choice in the area.

School Vision

Challenging our student community to strive and achieve.

The focus of Parkdale Secondary College is excellence in teaching and learning.

Parkdale Secondary College is a student-centred school with a safe, supportive and welcoming learning environment that embraces success for each student.

We provide a dynamic, stimulating and engaging learning journey supported by quality teaching. Each student is challenged to aspire and reach their potential, to develop as life-long learners and to become effective and caring members of the wider community.

We focus on developing pathways of success for every student so they can move onto new challenges successfully.

The school has outstanding community relations, supported by positive Parent Opinion Survey results and student attendance that is above state averages.

The school enjoys and maintains a strong bond with feeder primary schools, forged over many years and supported by excellent transition programs.

School Values

Aspiration, Empathy, Integrity,  Resilience,  Respect.

Our 5Ps

Our 5Ps are the expected learning behaviours of all students at Parkdale Secondary College. They are:


  • Present at school and on time for tutor group
  • Present on time for classes
  • Work completed and submitted on time
  • Homework completed and submitted on time.


  • Ready to learn
  • Prepared for class with appropriate equipment/materials
  • Appropriate use of the school Organiser
  • Appropriate uniform: school and sport.


  • Focused on learning in the classroom
  • A consistently high work ethic.


  • Active and positive participation in classroom activities
  • Active and positive participation in a variety of co-curricular activities
  • Supporting positive contributions of all students, staff and parents.


  • Exhibiting good manners to all class members and teachers
  • Developing good relationships with all members of the Parkdale Secondary College community
  • Showing respect to all.