College Vision

Parkdale Secondary College is a student focused school with a safe, supportive and welcoming learning environment embracing success for each student. A Parkdale Secondary College education provides a dynamic, stimulating and engaging learning journey with quality teaching. Each student is challenged to reach their potential, to develop as life-long learners and become effective and caring members of the wider community.

Parkdale Secondary College has a focus of developing a pathway of success for every student so when they leave the College, they move onto a new challenge which is of the student’s choice. Therefore the focus of Parkdale Secondary College has been and will continue to be excellence in teaching and learning.

The College has excellent community relations, which are supported by high Parent Opinion Survey results and student attendance above state averages. The College enjoys and maintains a strong bond with feeder primary schools, forged over many years and supported by excellent transition programs.

College Values

Value 1: Quality Teaching and Learning

Parkdale Secondary College values quality teaching and learning. Our focus is to engage and empower all students by delivering meaningful learning activities within a developmental learning framework. Each student’s academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural progress is fundamental.

Value 2: Interactions

Parkdale Secondary College values personal interactions based on integrity from all members of the College Community.

Value 3: Good Citizenship

Parkdale Secondary College values qualities which are essential to a good citizen. These qualities are expected of all members of the College Community.

Value 4: Leadership, Management and Vision

Parkdale Secondary College values a shared vision and an approach to management which is understood and endorsed by the College Community.

Value 5: Wellbeing

Parkdale Secondary College values the wellbeing of all the members of its College Community.